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Submission Procedure

Submission Procedure

Submissions should be submitted through our online submission system.

Authors will receive confirmation that a submission has been received in good order and is under consideration by the editors for inclusion in the journal.

All submissions will then undergo initial evaluation by the editors. Papers that are considered outside the scope of the journal or are of insufficient academic merit to be sent out for peer review will be declined at this stage. Authors can expect notification from the managing editor on whether or not a submission will be sent out for peer review within one month from initial submission.

Manuscripts of sufficient merit are forwarded to two or more expert referees for review. Referees are matched to the paper according to their areas of expertise. The review process is conducted in the strictest confidence, using a system of double blind reviewing in which both the referees and author(s) remain anonymous.

Referees are requested to recommend either immediate publication, publication after a specified degree of revision, or that a submission is not suitable for publication. Referees are further asked to rate a submission’s importance and relevance in regard to the topic; the appropriateness of the method/approach; argumentation, structure and logic; and the quality of writing and readability. Finally, referees are encouraged to provide detailed comments and suggestions to the author. Referees are not expected to correct or copyedit manuscripts.

ADP aims for a three-month turnaround from initial submission to receipt of referee reports.

Once in receipt of the referee reports, the editors will decide to either accept the manuscript for publication, request revisions, or decline the manuscript. Authors will receive an editorial letter integrating referee comments and offering additional suggestions. The decision to publish or not publish a manuscript is the sole discretion of the editors.

Copyediting and preparation for publication

ADP copyedits all manuscripts for clarity, conciseness, grammar, and journal style. Authors will have an opportunity to review editing changes but must limit their alterations to correcting errors and clarifying misleading statements.

Publishing Agreement

It is a condition of publication that all contributing authors sign a Publishing Agreement. Authors retain the copyright, and the right of proper attribution and credit for the work. ADP is granted the exclusive right to publish the article. If accepted, the author(s) agree that the article it will not be published in a different form, such as a book chapter, without appropriate acknowledgement of ADP as the original publisher, and without ADP’s written consent.

Free Open Access

ADP provides free and immediate open access to all published articles through our website. The Creative Commons license Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported is used to provide the terms and conditions for reuse. Users must attribute the work to the original author(s) and ADP as the publisher.

Complimentary Journal Copy

A copy of the relevant ADP issue will be sent to the author or authors.

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