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Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

The process of peer review is fundamental to ADP’s mission to provide a platform for the publication of high quality research on development issues that will be of interest and use to our readership. Referees play a critical role in ensuring only articles of a high standard are published in the journal.

All submissions are subject to initial evaluation by the editors. Papers that are outside the scope of the journal or are of insufficient academic merit to be sent out for peer review are rejected at this stage. Manuscripts of sufficient merit are forwarded to two or more expert referees for review.

Referees are matched to the paper according to their areas of expertise. The review process is conducted in the strictest confidence, using a system of double blind reviewing in which both the referees and author(s) remain anonymous.

Referees are requested to recommend either immediate publication with or without editorial revisions, that a decision on publication be made after a specified degree of revision, or that a submission is not suitable for publication. Referees are further asked to rate a submission’s importance and relevance regarding the topic; the appropriateness of the method and approach; argumentation, structure and logic; and the quality of writing and readability. Finally, referees are encouraged to provide detailed comments and suggestions to the author. Referees are not expected to correct or copyedit manuscripts.

The review process is time consuming. However, ADP endeavors to handle all matters as expeditiously as possible, and aims for a three-month turnaround from initial submission to receipt of referee reports.

Once in receipt of the referee reports, the editors decide to accept the manuscript for publication, request revisions, or decline the manuscript.

The editors evaluate each submission considering the advice of the expert referees. However, the decision to publish or publish a manuscript is the sole discretion of the editors.

At all stages of the review process, the editors treat submitted manuscripts and all communication with authors and referees as confidential.

Referee Responsibilities

There are circumstances in which referees should refuse to review a manuscript:

When the referee feels inadequately qualified to judge the research.

If there is a potential conflict of interest through relationships or connections with the organizations or people connected to the manuscript.

If asked to assess a manuscript they have previously reviewed (except when asked to re-review a revised manuscript).

If the referee has previously provided comments on the manuscript to the author or otherwise knows the identity of the author.

There are further responsibilities once a referee has agreed to review a manuscript:

Evaluation should be objective and professional.

Personal, negative comments about the author should be avoided; however, honest criticism of the manuscript content is strongly encouraged.

Referees should maintain confidentiality, and discuss the manuscript and any related concerns with the ADP editors only.

Reviews should be prompt. If the given deadline cannot be met, the referee should contact the managing editor as soon as possible.

Becoming a referee for ADP

Reviewing is an important professional activity that provides value for the scholarly community and the wider public. If you would like to be added to our list of referees, please contact the managing editor. The benefits of refereeing include the opportunity to read and evaluate research at an early stage, and you may also be able to note your contribution to ADP as part of your professional development requirements.

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